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News broke this morning of the passing of former.

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler and Ninth Wonder of the World Chyna, who was found dead in her California home.

Chyna birth name Joanie Laurer was a vital part of the WWEs late 1990s boom period.

Known as the Attitude Era, it was time typified by profanity, edgy violence, and highly sexualised women.

Chyna not so much broke the mould as smashed it pieces at close to six feet tall and an absolute powerhouse of muscle and menace, she was the first woman to mix it up with the boys.

She became the first women to hold WWEs Intercontinental Championship; she was the first woman to enter the King of the Ring tournament; and the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble match.

Its no secret that she also led a troubled life, including well-publicised substance abuse, bizarre online videos, and even pornography which saw her all-but ostracized from WWE.

Her accomplishments in wrestling, however, were hugely significant.

For a generation of fans, she was the first women to be taken seriously and the current revolution in womens wrestling owes more to her than WWE would have cared to admit, until now.

After training under wrestling legend Killer Kowalski, Chyna first appeared in WWE then the WWF in 1997 as the on-screen bodyguard of wrestler and real-life boyfriend Hunter Hearst Helmsley (known more commonly today as Triple H).

She immediately made an impact.

With her muscular frame, she was unlike anything wrestling fans had seen at the time not to mention her manhandling of WWEs male stars.
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