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Dino tube

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Dino tube
a lie.

Its super easy now.

But finding the good stuff can be a little hard.

Some sites upload low-res pirated porn, others have shitty search-engines which dont work well.

Certain tube sites dont categorize their stuff or their videos are a pain in the ass to sort through because of the crappy web design.

And to this day, too many are crawling in lag-causing, damage-inducing viruses which will fuck up your hardware.

However, there are a few good aggregate sites which dont have any of these problems, for the most part, like.

Dinotubes Backstory, after looking around, I still have no fucking clue why the makers of this site called it Dino Tube.

Yeah, I know that there are others who name their sites after crocodiles, cats, and even trucks, but what the ef does any of that have to do with porn?

Seriously, whos searching for smut and types in porn and dinosaurs.

(Edit: I just checked, and no, Googling those words doesnt link you to Dinotube.
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