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of Bee Mighty during the month of August to help former Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (nicu) graduates and their families.

Bee Mighty is a not for profit fund administered by Novant Health that provides grants to former nicu babies and their families for medical equipment and therapy.

Once discharged from the nicu, these babies are much more likely to need therapy or equipment which is oftentimes not covered by insurance for developmental delays.

Today, Bee Mighty launches a month-long fundraising drive throughout the month of August and later in the month it will celebrate the funding of the 100th local family to receive a grant.

The Hornets Kidd-Gilchrist, who was born prematurely and spent some time with Bee Mighty kids last season, will serve as an ambassador for the month-long campaign, encouraging those in the Charlotte community to assist in the fundraising drive.

Additionally, he will be in attendance for the 100th grant donation.

The Hornets will match up to 5,000 for all donations made to the Bee Mighty campaign.

Those interested in donating can do so online at beemighty.

Im thrilled to be teaming up with Bee Mighty to help raise awareness for nicu graduates, said Kidd-Gilchrist.

I was a preemie and spent time in the nicu after I was born so this is something that means a lot.

It was great to spend time last year with some Bee Mighty alumni and I look forward to meeting more grads later this month.

Heather Hucks, chair of Bee Mighty and mom to a nicu grad said, These kids fight so heartily, against the odds, just to make it out of the nicu.

When parents finally get to bring their baby home only to realize that insurance may not cover the therapy or equipment their child needs, it can be so frustrating.

So, Bee Mighty couldnt be happier that MKG and the Hornets are partnering with us!

The Hornets have been involved with Bee Mighty the past three years, and serve as one of the presenting partners of the organizations annual gala, Bee Something for Bee Mighty, which will take place on Nov.

14 in Charlotte, to coincide with World Prematurity Day.

Novant Health is so excited to be part of this remarkable initiative with two of our most valued partners.

The Charlotte Hornets and Bee Mighty are incredible advocates for the children of our community and we are grateful for their commitment to our mighty warriors, said Art Gallagher, Vice President of Novant Health Foundation.

About Bee Mighty, bee Mighty was founded by Candace and Michael Richter whose son, Shaw, was born at 27 weeks and is a nicu grad from Charlotte.

Bee Mighty grants, which range from 200-5,000 depending on need, are given to local families in greater Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.
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