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Sexy films tamil
, Tamannaah will be dubbing for the first time in her upcoming film, Dharmadurai.

Actresses like Samantha and Trisha too, dubbed for their recent films.

About how actresses are keen on dubbing, producer Dhananjayan says, Most of the actresses perform at the shooting spot with the help of a prompter, who prompts their dialogues.

So, they end up feeling that they cannot do justice if they dub for their characters.

They also feel that a dubbing artiste can do a better job as they are experienced.

Thats the reason most of the actresses shy away from dubbing.

Of late, however, many actresses have realised that dubbing in their own voice adds a lot of value and life to the character, which is why they prefer dubbing in their own voices now.

Here are some of them.

Tamannaah, tamannaah will dub in her own voice for the first time in Dharmadurai, which is being directed by Seenu Ramasamy.
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