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Se x stories
catching your parents getting it on can be uncomfortable, cringeworthy, and awkward as all hell: Warner Bros.

"I was 12 years old when my friend and I were having a sleepover at my house and we started hearing strange sounds from my parents' bedroom.

So I grabbed a flashlight, tip-toed to their bedroom, ripped the door open, and flashed them right in their faces with the flashlight, yelling, 'what THE heck ARE YOU doing?!' Then when I saw what they were doing.

Fox "It still haunts me to this day, all that jiggling." matildecharlotted.

"I was about seven years old and still sleeping in the bed with my mom.

It was Canada Day, which also happened to be my parents' anniversary, and I woke up excited to go to the parade.

But I noticed my mom wasn't next to me, and I panicked, thinking she left.

So I ran into my dad's room to tell him that she was missing, and I encountered the vivid sight of my mom and dad doing major acrobatics under the duvet, and I heard squishing noises I can never un-hear.".

TBS "When I asked what was happening, my mom said, 'Oh, nothing I dropped my earring on the bed, and your father and I are just looking for.
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